Est. 1971

Koronis Lake Association

An association formed to promote the protection and improvement of Lake Koronis.

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Koronis Lake Association takes great pride in being your trusted stewards of the lake. Join us as members to help steer our objectives and help your community!

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Planning a Visit?

Thanks for considering visiting our beautiful lake! Lake Koronis is a wonderful lake with over 3,000 acres. Learn more on our 'Visit' Page.

Tips for Responsible Boating

Follow local boating regulations

Familiarize yourself with local boating regulations, including speed limits, no-wake zones, and restrictions on certain activities.

Prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species

Remove any visible plants, animals, or mud and ensure that all water is drained before leaving the area!

Minimize wake impact

Operate your boat at appropriate speeds, especially near shorelines and sensitive habitats.

Dispose of waste properly

Use designated waste receptacles for trash and recycling to prevent water contamination.

Something is always happening! Click 'read more' to learn more about our upcoming events, including our annual fireworks, annual meeting, and socials.

Take Part In Our Meetings

Our meetings are open to our membership, and we'd love to see you there! They're held on the second Friday of every month at 1:00 PM. The link is available on our events calendar.


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