Here you will find questions we often get at annual meetings and online about water quality. Please check below to see if your question is here, and then send us your question!

Q: Why is it bad to compost starry stonewort?

If you discard invasive species, take these safety precautions:

Q: Are the references areas that haven't been treated?

Yes, reference areas are areas that haven't been treated and are used as controls.

Q: Are invasives found at inspection sites?

Yes, we find invasive species on boats, but once we started working on management, boats have been a lot cleaner. If you want to know more, check out the reports on the 'Inspection Program' page.

Q: Some Starry stonewort was sent to the captain who said they would contact the board; what happened?

We do not have a lot of flexibility for individual treatment areas, but we do our best to make sure the concerns are properly handled.