Get Involved

Interested in being a part of your community and helping out the Lake Association? We're so happy to have you! 

Read the brief summaries below to find the level of involvement you're comfortable with. Click on the associated button to find out more information about each position.

Becoming a Director

Directors are the heart and soul of KLA. The Board is made up of a group of passionate individuals dedicated to finding innovative solutions to hard questions. It involves using what talents you already have and cultivating new skills to help protect the lake. 

Some of the skills we're always looking for are: 

Some of the positions include*:

*these positions may not be available at this time. Check in 'About The Board' to see what positions are unavailable. 

Read more about what Directors do in the 'Director Information' tab.

Becoming a Member

Members are the lifeblood of KLA. We couldn't do what we do without their support! Because of our members, we are able to run our inspection program, host annual fireworks, and much more.

We have three levels of membership. All lake-shore owners of Lake Koronis are immediately registered in our 'Resident' level. Filling out a membership form grants you 'Active Member' status. Giving any amount for a donation  gives you 'Donating Member' status.

Becoming a Volunteer


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