About the Board

Below are our board members and advisors along with their primary responsibilities and contact information. If you're interested in being on the board, you can find more information at the bottom of the page!

Executive Officers


[Term: 2022-2025]

Ezri Farnum has lived with her family on Koronis Lake all her life. She is currently a student at Hamline University, studying neuroscience and leadership. 

Ezri has had success leading a variety of teams at Data Recognition Corporation, Seven Sisters Publishing, and her university, working to refine procedures and bolster collaboration. She is currently working at UnitedHealthcare as a data analyst to help people live healthier lives.

After spending her formative years shadowing various aquatic invasive species experts, she developed a passion for environmental sciences and began to independently study invasive species. She has a certification as an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) detector and volunteers at the U of MN to help with invasive species studies and continue her education in AIS.

Vice President

 [Term: 2023-2026]

Joseph Klocker is a seasoned business professional with a wealth of experience in diverse industries. With a career spanning over two decades, he has honed his skills in strategic planning, process optimization, and effective leadership. Throughout his journey, Joseph has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to achieving excellence and driving positive change. Now, he stands ready to utilize his broad expertise to serve the Koronis Lake Association as a director.

Joseph's extensive background in business management equips him with a unique perspective on how to tackle challenges and create impactful solutions. With a deep appreciation for the natural world and an understanding of the importance of sustainable practices, Joseph aims to work hand in hand with the association to protect the lake's ecosystem while promoting responsible recreational activities for all to enjoy.

In his pursuit of creating a positive impact, Joseph Klocker looks forward to engaging with the members of the Koronis Lake Association, understanding their needs, and collaborating on innovative initiatives that will ensure the lake remains a cherished treasure for generations to come. His dedication to excellence, combined with his genuine care for the environment and community, makes Joseph an invaluable asset to the Koronis Lake Association and a driving force in shaping a thriving and sustainable future for this beloved natural sanctuary.


Andy Wendroth

Community Lead

[Term: 2022-2025]

Andy and his wife, Katie, have a home on the north side of Lake Koronis and moved to Paynesville in 2020 to start their family. Since moving, they have welcomed their two children, Ellie & Jace, and are excited for them to grow up on the lake.

Although he grew up in Zumbrota, MN Andy spent much of his summers at his family’s cabin on the south side of Koronis; his parents have had a cabin on the lake since 1985. He fondly remembers when his grandparents owned the Birch Beach Store and he would walk down to get candy every Saturday.

Andy works as a consulting actuary for Milliman, Inc. based out of Hartford, CT. He enjoys spending time tubing and wakeboarding on the lake, running on the trail, and playing basketball at the PACC.

Andy is proud to be on the KLA board; he hopes to help maintain the quality of Lake Koronis so that Ellie & Jace will grow up enjoying the lake as much as he has, and to help the Paynesville area flourish as he and Katie raise their family here.

Dan Ziegler

Community Support

[Term: 2022-2025]

Ziegler is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Koronis Ministries, including programming, staff, hospitality, financial management, capital improvements, and faith-building opportunities. Koronis Ministries has welcomed tens of thousands of people since it began in 1922. The camp hosted about 5,000 campers and retreat guests in 2014. 

“Dan is visionary leader with a lifetime of experience, proven success in camp and retreat leadership as well as non-profit management, and a warm heart for Christian ministry,” said Keith Shew, director of camping and retreat ministries for the Minnesota Conference. “Dan’s done it all, from leading adventure programming to teaching outdoor school, from directing one of the country’s largest camps to presiding over a Bible college.”

Ray Laning

Charitable Fundraising Manager 

[Term: 2022-2025]

Ray Laning moved to the lake with his wife, Andrea, and youngest son, Evan, in the spring of 2018 from Rochester, MN. He worked as a mechanical engineer for International Business Machines for 25 years but has recently started working remotely for Nvidia Corp. out of Santa Clara, CA.

Ray and his wife were introduced to the lake while staying with friends at Koronis Ministries and were fortunate enough to purchase a house on the lake a few short months later. Although Ray doesn’t have ‘roots’ to the Lake Koronis or Paynesville area, he has a lot of family nearby in North Dakota and enjoys hosting friends and family at the lake at all times of the year.

Over the past few years, he has  been impressed with the lake association’s involvement and overall effort in maintaining the quality of the lake and joined the KLA board to help continue that level of commitment.  He began serving as KLA's gambling manager in February of 2023.  

Kevin Farnum

AIS Manager

[Term: 2023-2026]

Kevin Farnum was the Quality and Regulatory Director for Sanitation Center of Excellence and Engineering Sanitation Design for General Mills. Kevin received his Bachelors of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Minnesota. His experience includes two years with California State Fish and Game, seven years with the State of California, Food and Drug Section, five years as Quality Control Manager Big G Cereal Division and Gold Medal Division in Buffalo, New York, ten years as Director of Food Safety and Sanitation for General Mills. In total he was with General Mills 28 years and had 30 years’ experience in the Food Industry. His areas of expertise are in regulatory, inspection, sanitation, risk management, food allergens, and pest control. He has developed inspection programs, sanitation programs and protocols, and has assisted in equipment design for sanitation. He has been the sanitation/quality representative for many multi-million dollar projects. 

Since retirement from General Mills he has been involved with Aquatic Invasive Programs not only in his local community, but throughout the state. Working with others and developing working partnerships have been his mode of operation. He was a key author of the Stearns County AIS Plan.

Amy Erdmann

Newsletter Editor

[Term: 2023-2026]

Amy Erdmann grew up spending summers on beautiful Lake Koronis, and moved to the family property 12 years ago where she now lives year round. Beautiful Lake Koronis (as her Mother always called it) has been near and dear to the entire family for several decades. 

While attending the annual KLA meeting this summer [2023], when it was mentioned that there were openings on the board, becoming a board member just seemed like the natural thing to do. Amy looks forward to doing what she can to help maintain the quality of the beautiful lake that has been such a big part of her life and family history.

Hudson Gray

Newsletter Lead 

[Term: 2023-2026]

Hudson Gray grew up on Lake Koronis and now lives on the north side of the lake with his lovely wife, Claire. He currently works for Koronis Inc, a contract manufacturer based out of Paynesville with a wide range of capabilities that serves a global customer base.

After learning about the deep care and involvement the KLA has for the lake and surrounding area, Hudson naturally wanted to get involved in the organization. He is looking forward to hearing from members and working with the board to formulate and implement beneficial initiatives through the KLA.

Shanna Klocker

Secretary [2023 - NA]; Board Director [Term: 2024-2027]

Shanna Klocker, a native of Paynesville, MN, has always held a deep admiration for the scenic beauty and serenity of Lake Koronis. Growing up in the area, she developed a strong connection to the lake and its surroundings. With a professional background predominantly centered around Operations and Manufacturing, Shanna has accumulated extensive expertise in efficiently managing processes and ensuring seamless operations.

Upon her recent homecoming in 2022, Shanna's unwavering passion for Lake Koronis has found a meaningful outlet as she takes on the role of secretary within the association. Her understanding of operations combined with her genuine love for the area, makes her an invaluable asset to the organization. Shanna's dedication, rooted in her personal connection to the lake, fuels her commitment to serving the association effectively. Through her role, Shanna actively supports the association's mission, ensuring that its initiatives and activities are effectively managed and communicated. With her passion and experience as a driving force, Shanna is making a significant impact in furthering the association's goals and serving as a steward for Lake Koronis.

Joe Burbach

Board Director

[Term: 2024-2027]

Advisors & Other Contributors

Ken Hess

Water Quality Advisor

[Term: 2021- 2024]

Ken is a retired management professor from Metropolitan State University. He and his wife, Lynnae, have had property on Koronis for the past 50 years and currently own and operate a bison ranch a mile SW of Lake Koronis. 

Trevor Farnum

Helps us with our IT needs and drone footage!

*non-voting position

Past Board Directors

Riley Flanders

Newsletter and Press Communication Lead

[Term: 2021- 2024]

Riley Flanders grew up in Paynesville and spent as much of his summers as possible at his family’s cabin on Lake Koronis. 

After 4 years of working as a counselor in international schools in Honduras and Ecuador, Riley returned to Paynesville with his wife, Anita. He now works with his father at Patrick Flanders Realty. Riley and Anita live with their son, Kian, at Stonegate on the Lake on Koronis’ east bay. They also own a small red cabin (The Coop) overlooking the lake. Koronis was one of the big draws for the couple when deciding to reside in the area. 

Riley got involved with the KLA board in order to help protect and improve his lifelong love, Koronis!

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